Press Release

A record-breaking 2023 and a new era for Marshall

Marshall Group delivered yet another year of profitable growth in 2023 with net sales breaking the 4 billion SEK barrier, increasing 29 percent compared to 2022. With growth across product categories, channels and regions, as well as hitting double-digit growth and profitability in all four quarters, 2023 was Marshall’s best year to date.

2023 saw the creation of the Marshall Group with Marshall Amplification and Zound Industries coming together earlier in the year. Successfully integrating the two companies has been a big focus, and the Marshall brand maintained its growth momentum throughout the year while fuelling its premium position across the world. Total net sales amounted to MSEK 4,007 (3,102) for the full year and adjusted operating profit increased to MSEK 757 (427), equivalent to an adjusted operating margin of 19 percent (14%).

“It has been a historic year for everyone at Marshall. We delivered strong growth and profitability for the third year in a row while successfully integrating into the Marshall Group. We are unlocking the potential of the Marshall brand while staying true to its legacy and investing into the future”, says Jeremy de Maillard, CEO, Marshall Group.

“We have invested heavily into our manufacturing site for premium amps and in our recording studio in Milton Keynes over the past six months, making them world-class facilities to satisfy the needs of guitarists and musicians. We will enter new product categories in the next twelve months, providing the unique Marshall experience to our audience in more aspects of their lives. And we will soon launch an entirely new digital experience, bringing together the entire Marshall world and product offer on”.

During the year Marshall launched iconic products across all key categories. The Studio JTM Amplifier in honour of what would have been Jim Marshall’s 100th birthday, an homage to the amp that started it all. The Motif II A.N.C, the latest generation of the well-received noise cancelling true wireless headphone. And the Middleton, the latest addition to the Marshall portable speaker range, with a quad-speaker set-up to ensure the ultimate immersive sound experience.

Pro forma numbers, which include Marshall Amplification and its subsidiaries for the full year, showed 18 percent revenue growth year on year, reaching MSEK 4,097 (3,458) in revenue and MSEK 789 (535) in profitability after adjustments for extraordinary items.

Over the last couple of years, the company has successfully reshaped its business model to counteract the historical seasonality of the business and to drive the brand premium positioning. Sales and profits are now more evenly spread across quarters, resulting in what is expected to be less volatile and more consistent growth across quarters going forward.

In the fourth quarter of 2023, net sales increased 13 percent to MSEK to 1,218 (1,079) and adjusted operating profit amounted to MSEK 212 (233), equivalent to an adjusted operating margin of 17 percent (22%).

“Just as in 2022 we have been profitable each quarter of 2023 while continuing to grow the business. The team has done a great job balancing sales and inventory across quarters to maintain our premium positioning in a market that has been heavily characterized by promotions and discounts this year. We have a strong financial position”, says Martin Axhamre, CFO & Deputy CEO, Marshall Group.

Marshall Group’s financial position has enabled the company to focus on integrating the two companies into one, delivering on the product roadmap while also investing in long term growth.

“It’s been incredible seeing the work of the teams over the last nine months, as they are really coming together as one. Marshall Group’s commitment to guitarists, supporting musicians and investing in our UK manufacturing is as strong as ever. I’m really excited about the future for Marshall”, says Terry Marshall, Board member, Marshall Group.

The Marshall Group 2023 annual report will be published later this spring.