Press Release

Marshall reports success in fighting counterfeit products

Marshall has successfully prosecuted the first criminal case against anti-counterfeiters in Asia. Along with the court’s ruling to imprison and deal considerable fines to the defendants, this case signifies our great determination to defend intellectual property rights from counterfeiters.

Marshall is renowned for exceptional products and innovation, and as the brand’s popularity continues to grow the Asian market has been flooded with numerous counterfeit Marshall products over the past few years. This infringes on consumer rights and tarnish the brand image, and Marshall has several investigations ongoing in coordination with local police force. In 2021, six locations in China were raided, and 20,000 products were discovered and confiscated. Recently, the court ruled to sentence 14 defendants to prison along with considerable fines. 

“Counterfeit products pose a significant threat to the entire market and we are pleased to collaborate with law enforcement authorities, actively fighting against counterfeit manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. We are committed to protecting the legitimate rights of consumers, distributors, and partners by providing high-quality, safe, and trustworthy products and services,” says Linda Sjö Lindkvist, Chief Legal Officer at Marshall Group.” The successful prosecution of counterfeiters in China is part of Marshall’s important efforts to curb counterfeiters in the Asia-Pacific region. Criminal proceedings and raids are underway or have already been concluded in several Asian markets.” 

At the end of 2023, Marshall stepped up enforcement efforts across the region with raids against numerous counterfeit factories and warehouses. Tens of thousands of counterfeit products, with an estimated value of over 700 000 dollars, was seized and criminal proceedings are now ongoing in several countries. 

Going forward, Marshall will continue to chase and prevent the illegal manufacturing and distribution of counterfeit goods globally. In 2024, Marshall will evaluate and implement other anti-counterfeiting countermeasures, including consumer education, anti-tampering investigations and solutions, as well as other product safeguards.  

Consumers can always be sure they purchase authentic products through Marshall’s own official channels. 

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