Introducing Zenith: The Retro Revival

Inspired by the past, crafted for the present, Zenith is the latest addition to the Natal lineup and propels drummers to the centre stage.

A diligent homage to kits of the past that helped define contemporary rhythm but built with modern durability andproduction in mind, Zenith’s vintage look, feel and sound all deliver a unique playing experience for the modern musician of today.

Through its highly versatile tonal properties, Zenith eloquently captures the musical fusion of the 50s and 60s from both sides of the Atlantic in a drum kit that has been proactively made to suit a variety of playing styles.

Allowing tunings for high cutting hits for jazz beats, sharp mids for punchy pop grooves and powerful lows forresonance in rock fills, Zenith’s ability to adapt to almost any setting and style gives drummers fully immersive control over their playing.

Designed in the UK, utilising modern materials and production techniques to ensure maximum durability, Zenithboasts solid 3-ply hybrid maple-ash-maple shells, with reinforced hoops to truly encapsulate vintage tone and ensurerobustness and longevity. Similarly, double point tube lugs add a charming aesthetic whilst helping even the spread of the stress whilst playing.

Full of attitude, charm and character, Zenith’s signature vintage aesthetic comes through in a myriad of subtlehighlights, such as the signature sun logo distilled onto smaller tube lugs and a newly designed double-sided air hole badge. Coupled with five instantly iconic, retro-inspired finishes, including sophisticated frost sparkles and oyster-inspired forged layers, Zenith injects personality into any environment, making it draw eyes both under stage lighting and in the home.

Zenith’s simple yet effective configuration gives players all they need to set up and start playing with ease, including a 12’’x 8’’ tom, a 16’’x16’’ floor tom and a 22’’ x 16’’ bass drum. To ensure even further personalisation to sound, additional sized toms are also available on request.

Available to purchase at your local Natal retailer.