Zound is now Marshall Group, and set to take the company to the next level

Today, audio, tech and design powerhouse Zound Industries is formally changing its name to Marshall Group following the fusion between Zound and Marshall Amplification earlier this spring. More than just a name change, this represents the beginning of the next chapter in a decade-long partnership to build the iconic Marshall brand.

“With the Marshall group, we’re turning the volume up to 11 with one of the world’s most iconic brands powered by one of the fastest growing, and profitable, companies in our industry. These are the perfect conditions to create the best products and experiences for musicians and music lovers around the world, and fuel profitable growth for years to come,” says Jeremy de Maillard, CEO, Marshall Group.

The Marshall Group is now home to Marshall amplifiers, speakers and headphones, Marshall Records, Marshall Live Agency, Marshall Studio, Natal Drums, Urbanears and adidas Headphones. Bringing together around 800 employees across eight locations globally with an annual turnover of USD 360 million.

Since 2010, Zound Industries has brought the Marshall brand from the big stage to a global consumer audience of music lovers in more than 90 countries with its range of headphones and wireless speakers. With the formation of the Marshall Group, a new audio, tech and design powerhouse sees the light of day, uniting musicians and music lovers through genre-breaking innovation.

“We are set to continue our transformative growth journey by bringing great products to a global audience through cutting-edge audio innovation and culture-driven brand building. This is beyond exciting, and we are very grateful to have the trust of the Marshall family,” says Martin Axhamre, CFO & Deputy CEO, Marshall Group.

The Group’s head office will remain in Stockholm while the home of Marshall Amplification in Milton Keynes will continue to play a vital part in the group’s continuous journey and in honouring of the legacy of “The Father of Loud”, Jim Marshall.